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Digital marketing is one of the most advanced online marketing strategies that has gathered a wide prominence over the course of the past few years. The constantly evenings evolving marketing strategies have demanded the use of most comprehensive marketing strategies which has met interns with the Digital Marketing strategies. Digital Marketing helps the business to meet with it's targeted audience on a wide scale. This will help the organizations to connect with the right set of audience who are interested in availing their services or products.

Digital Marketing helps in driving numerous profiting aspects which include building brand awareness, increasing the highly relevant traffic flow, generation of leads for the business and more. Digital Marketing has different inner modules that mainly include different concepts like SEO, SEM & SMO.

By effectively enjoying Digital Marketing strategies the organizations can help themselves stay competitive as it helps in ranking their website on to the first page of Google search engine. Gaining effective knowledge of the concepts of Digital Marketing will surely deliver the best career opportunities. Many of the top-notching multinational organizations are in look out for the best talented Digital Marketing professionals and are ready to pay them very high pay packages.

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies that help the organizations to improve their viewer's outreach through dropping mails in their mail ids. Email Marketing is one of the most traditional marketing strategies that are being implemented by many organizations. And at present, there are quite a number of tools that deliver the best email marketing applications either through free of cost or by undertaking a fixed pricing.

Email marketing can simply be defined as the process where a company or an organization sends a commercial message to a group of people by use of electronic email.Also, any communication that is made through email form their promotion or for their marketing purpose can be referred to as email marketing. In a broader outlook, email marketing can be considered as an efficient way of connecting to your clients within negligible pricing levels. Also, by effective email marketing strategies, you can create brand awareness by simply promoting your business. SO, start working on building skills in the outstanding marketing application of Email marketing by building the best set of application knowledge.

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About Tecra
About Web2Reach

Who we are

Tecra provides marketing and Customer Communications Management (CCM) software solutions that help marketing–focused entities achieve success. From marketing portals to content management systems for regulated industries, our technology and services offer you a distinct edge over your competition.

Tecra is a global company linked by shared goals, cutting–edge software, a solid methodology and relentless focus on you, the customer. We strive to create an environment that fosters close collaboration between us and our customers in the spirit of true partnership.

What we do

We provide software solutions that enable you to effectively communicate with your customers by delivering powerful personalized marketing and regulatory messages across multiple industry segments utilizing cross–media delivery channels such as print, email, SMS, personalized URLs and video.

We are problem solvers. For over 18 years, we have helped and continue to help companies, both big and small, unlock their creativity and realize their vision. Our global team works with you to harness the power of our software platforms and integrate them with your ERP, CRM, workflow and legacy back-end systems providing lights out automation.

How we work

We provide world-class software, but we understand that the most valuable solutions are the ones that fit you the best. We listen closely to your needs and have a knack for applying what we learn to further the goals you set out.

We also have the flexibility to customize, thus creating one–of–a–kind marketing software solutions that match the uniqueness of your organization.


WEB2REACH Software is clear in our examination reports with all the leadership qualities and keeps the articles in the business press to take it to next level. Keeping that in mind, our Experts have high interaction with the Industry with conspicuous pioneers of the scholastic group for joint research by using tailor-made methodologies. The company's capacities and scholarly capital are upgraded by our profound industry aptitude, explanatory thoroughness, and hands-on, community-oriented approach.

Our experts see what others don't, challenge customary reasoning, and reliably convey imaginative, tweaked arrangements. We additionally work one next to the other with senior officials to quicken execution through a mix of Perfection and Meeting the Deadlines. Therefore, we tangibly affect customers' best and main concerns.


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